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The Placebo Kit

Why Placebo?

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picture of aluminium travel dispenser

The Travel Pack

This ideal placebo for travel problems.

Travel sickness, distress, fear -it is the placebo of choice. This container has been specifically sized (100ml) to allow it to be taken on aircraft. No problems with Homeland Security!

We find it particularly good for children in cars - no pills to swallow or medicine to take - just a quick squirt of this. Mind you, it works for adults too! Of course if they have eaten half a kilo of sweets, nothing is liable to work!

The placebo is stored in an aluminium container for strength and security and has been carefully dose calibrated so that you can take as many shots as you need throughout your journey - arriving refreshed and calm. No fear, placebo's here.

What - haven't you got it in amber or blue?